Windshield Wiper

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Windshield Wiper Removal Tool

IP WR750


This tool makes wiper arm removal fast and easy. Simply place the hook under the arm base, squeeze the wiper arm and tool handle together, and lift the wiper arm right off.

Made in the USA.

Equalizer® Wiper Arm Removal Kit



This kit has a different puller for each type of vehicle and the puller contacts as much of the arm as possible to spread the removing pressure out over a large area. Works on a variety of foreign and domestic vehicles.

The kit consists of 6 windshield wiper arm pullers, 1 slide hammer, 1 pressure spindle, a users guide listing specific uses for each puller and all items packaged in a sturdy plastic carry case.

Universal Wiper Puller



Our Universal Wiper Puller has two sets of interchangeable arms and is made of hardened steel.

To Use first set the wiper puller arms on the horizontal slide. Then slide them in until they touch the side of the windshield wiper. Snug the wing nut to hold them in place. Use a wrench or ratchet to tighten the bolt that contacts the wiper nut. Then, remove windshield wipers.

This works for most brands.

Wiper Arm Removal Tool



Our wiper arm removal tool for bolt-on windshield wipers has a compact design that fits easily into small spaces. Made of steel with a durable plastic handle.

BigMouth™ Wiper Arm Removal Tool



BigMouth™ Wiper Arm Removal Tool has a 1-3/4" opening between the pressure bolt and the prong jaws, this is important because many newer vehicles have recessed wiper arms with longer, deeper bolts. The entire assembly is made of steel which can be used with a wrench or socket, enabling you to put tremendous pressure on the wiper arm.

Wiper Puller



Wiper puller removal tool for bolt-on windshield wipers is constructed with a revolving concave head ensuring it does not slip off of the wiper bolt. It also has a steel joining cross member for extra strength.

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