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Equalizer® Deluxe Windshield Repair Kit

IP KWR1491


Our Deluxe Windshield Repair Kit is designed with all of the essentials for windshield repair. It comes complete with a high-quality repair bridge system, quality resins, and the right accessories for repairing star and bulls-eye breaks. The experienced Auto Glass Technician will appreciate this kit, but it also caters to the beginner in windshield repair. It assumes you know nothing about windshield repair and walks you through each type of repair from beginning to end with the help of a well-written manual, and DVD. It comes with a piece of glass that has assorted breaks so you can practice your repair method. 


The kit includes 1 of Each; Repair Bridge System, UV Light, 9.6V Rotary Tool & Charger, Single Point Probe, Coated Safety Gloves, Glass Cleaner, Safety Glasses, Instructional DVD, Repair Manual/Business Guide, Pre-Chipped Practice Glass. Plus 5-Drill Bits, 100-Razor Blades, 10 Inner O-Rings, 5-External End Seals, 2-Resins (.5 oz.), 2-Pit Fillers (.25 oz.), and curing film for 100 or more repairs.

Equalizer® Rock Star® Roadie™ • Windshield Repair Kit

IP UV528


The Rock Star® Roadie™ makes setup a breeze. This kit features a quick-mounting pedestal and resin chamber as well as a dual-action injector that delivers specially formulated resin into the break.

Kit contains one each of the following: standard injector, hose, UV curing lamp, cure guard, flow regulator, probe, mini scraper, bottle of Pit Filler Resin (.5 oz.), bottle of Thin Viscosity Resin (.5 oz.), bottle of Pit Polish (1 oz.), plus 4 AA batteries, 20 adhesive pads, 20 pedestals, and 20 mylar squares.

Equalizer® Terminator® Windshield Repair System



Terminator® features an automatic pressure/vacuum process for windshield repair. Throughout the process the operator does not stay on the repair, the machine does the work for you. To begin, you select a program, and then Terminator machine will alternate pressure/vacuum cycles according to your selection. 

Kit contains Terminator unit, 1 hose, 1 UV curing light, bridge and injector assembly, 1 battery, 1 charger, 1 protect-a-dash, 25 razor blades, 1 mini scraper single, 20 mylar squares, 1oz. cleaning solution, 1 cleaning brush, LED flashlight, .5 oz. medium viscosity resin, .5 oz. pit filler resin, 1 oz. pit polish, .5 oz. thin viscosity resin, 1 probe, 1 mirror, 1 UV shield, 1 cleaning brush, and 1 6” long guide pin, UV screen.

Rock Star® Windshield Repair System



The Equalizer® Rock Star® Repair System is designed to achieve three important results: a strong repair, a clear repair, and a fast repair.

The exclusively designed bridge and stainless steel injector assembly are durable and will last for years. The combination vacuum/pressure design allows for quick and easy alternation between vacuum and pressure cycles. The injector also features a simple one-step resin filling port by just simply removing the plunger rod. This vertical filling port feature allows this system to be used on motor homes, buses, and 18-wheelers. While the Rock Star® system is indeed easy to operate, it still allows flexibility of operation for seasoned professionals who want to ‘tweak’ the system to achieve amazing results on difficult repairs.

The finishing touch is our specially formulated pit resin. It is extremely fast wicking and produces unparalleled optical clarity and strength. It creates a powerful bond to the glass surface but is easy to scrape off the excess and then polish to perfection with our exclusive non-abrasive pit polish. This all adds up to make the Equalizer® Rock Star® Windshield Repair System the choice for fast, quality repairs.

The system includes: Bridge and injector assembly, large pit adaptor, UV shield, probe, mirror, cleaning brush, pipe brush, mylar squares, pit tape roll, 12-Volt UV curing light, LED flashlight, 25 razor blades, ‘O’ ring kit, .5 oz. thin viscosity resin, .5 oz. pit filler, 1 oz. pit polish, .5oz. medium viscosity resin, 1 oz. cleaning solution and instructional DVD. All items come in a foam lined case. Made in the USA.

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