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Lint-Free Wipes

  • Product Code:DL1093
  • Brand:Equalizer

Lint-Free Wipes

Years ago we gave very little thought to contamination of the glass or pinchweld. We have learned a lot since then, and today we go to great lengths to prevent a glass from leaking and to make sure it bonds properly. Lint seems like a small problem, but some towels leave a large amount on the glass. Every place there is lint is a place that the glass does not bond. There can be thousands of pieces of lint in an area only an inch or so in diameter, but you only see the larger pieces. Our Lint-Free Wipes get rid of all the lint and give you a totally clean surface so your urethane will bond completely. Size 13" x 13".


Made in the USA.


Product Specification
  • Weight      0.75
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