Best answer: Is AutoZone independently owned?

All AutoZone stores are corporately owned; the company does not have franchise operations.

Is AutoZone a franchise?

All AutoZone stores are company-owned; we don’t offer franchises.

Is AutoZone a private business?

1991: AutoZone becomes a publicly traded company.

Where does AutoZone get their parts?

Auto parts retailers have been spared from sharing the same fate as Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us and so many other companies rendered redundant by Amazon. About 80 percent of AutoZone’s business comes from people repairing their own cars with the other 20 percent coming from professional mechanics.

Did AutoZone buy Pepboys?

AutoZone Inc. rival Pep Boys agreed to be acquired by New York investor Carl Icahn for more than $1 billion after Bridgestone Corp.

Who is the biggest auto parts store?

AutoZone is the largest Auto Parts store with 5,914 stores.

Who is the CEO of AutoZone?

Is O’Reilly a franchise?

Add a Vehicle

Parts City is a chain of independently owned auto parts stores serviced by O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Who are AutoZone competitors?

AutoZone competitors include Transamerican Auto Parts, Pep Boys, LKQ Corporation, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Delphi Technologies.

Why did AutoZone change its name?

A year later, the company would have 194 stores in 13 states. In 1986, the company changed its name to AutoZone after being sued by Radio Shack for trademark infringement. Auto Shack initially won, but Radio Shack’s appeal was successful.

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