Best answer: What’s the best crate engine?

Are crate engines worth it?

Buyers of new crate engines experience far less problems than those who purchase remanufactured engines. Their engines deliver a far greater performance, a much longer life expectancy, and in most cases, are far cheaper over the long run.

Are GM crate engines any good?

GM crate motors are good solid engines by and large. Pricey, but with a warranty and they’re built from all new parts. The one glaring omission in their small block line is that NOT A SINGLE ONE COMES WITH FORGED PISTONS. Every last one is hypereutectic.

How much does a 5.3 crate motor cost?

A factory-replacement 5.3 crate engine from major suppliers is around $3,200-$3,800. These engines come factory with 315-345 horsepower and many consumers install a cam in them to gain that extra 30-40 HP.

How do you know what engines will fit?

Check the length of the engine and the transmission assembly together. Make sure that the assembly is the same length. It may be okay if it’s a few inches shorter or longer, however, it cannot exceed 3 inches or the assembly will not fit. There has to be room for the engine to move around.

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