Can I use regular gas in a Hemi engine?

To reduce the chance of pinging and knocking because of higher cylinder pressures, Chrysler recommends 91 octane fuel be used with Hemi engines that are matched to a manual transmission. 87 octane fuel is considered the acceptable minimum for Hemis with manual transmissions.

Does the 5.7 Hemi require premium gas?

The 5.7L requires 89 octane w/ auto trans and 91 octane w/ manual trans per the owner’s manual. You can run 87 octane in your car but the computer will pull timing to compensate for the inevitable spark knock that will result from using a poor grade fuel in a performance car.

Can you put 87 in a Hemi?

In order to clearly understand why it is imperative to use the manufacturer’s recommended fuel, one needs to know what octane is. … If you have the HEMI V8 engine, you should use the 89 octane, if you have the base V6 engine, then it is okay to use the 87. Just never use higher than 89!

Can you put regular gas in a Hemi Charger?

owners manual states that higher octane fuel is not necessary. just wasting money. if your 5.7 is factory stock, 89 is all you need. 87 can be used.

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What kind of gas should I use in my 5.7 Hemi?

When the Hemi is matched with an automatic transmission, Chrysler recommends 89 octane fuel for peak performance. 87 octane is the minimum octane rating listed for the base Hemi regardless of transmission, but for the best mileage and performance, the higher-octane recommendations should be followed.

Can you use 93 octane in a 5.7 Hemi?

93 octane is likely too much for the Hemi and probably reduces the efficiency of the engine due to the difficulty of fuel detonation in the lower compression engine at the time of the peak power stroke. … Ethanol is a great fuel source, however, not really meant to be run in our motors.

Can you mix 87 and 89 gas?

Yes. You will not harm your car by mixing different octane grades of the same gasoline providing your car’s engine is designed to run on less than 89 octane fuel and you are not using E85 in a non-E85 compatible engine. 50% 87 octane gas mixed with 50% 89 octane gas makes 88 octane gas.

Can you put 87 gas in Hellcat?

the 2019 challenger srt hellcat requires 91 octane premium gasoline. the standard 2019 dodge challenger having the 3.6l engine and the 5.7l with automatic transmission needs 87 octane regular unleaded fuel and the 5.7l with manual transmission and the 6.4l engine uses 91 octane premium unleaded.

Can I run 91 octane in my 5.7 Hemi?

You’ll be fine. It’s designed to run on 87 or 89.

How can I get better gas mileage in my 5.7 Hemi?

How to Increase Mileage on a Dodge RAM 5.7 HEMI

  1. Change your RAM’s oil every 3,000 miles or at least every three months. This keeps the engine clean and running well.
  2. Get a tune up. …
  3. Avoid letting your Doge idle for long periods of time. …
  4. Check your tires often. …
  5. Avoid accelerating quickly. …
  6. Check your air filter.
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Can I put premium gas in my Ram 1500?

Ram recommends 89 Octane. Now putting a lower octane than recommended is a very bad idea. Your Alfa and many other cars were tuned for the higher octane and using a lower octane fuel will cause pinging (pre-detonation) that cause cause early engine wear and outright failure.

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