Can my car tow a caravan?

Is my car suitable to tow a caravan?

If the maximum mass of the caravan is 85% or less than the total kerb weight of the car, the car will tow the caravan easily. … If the maximum mass of the caravan is over 100% of the car’s kerb weight (the caravan weighs more than the car) then it should not be towed by the vehicle under any circumstances.

What size caravan can my car pull?

If the mass of the caravan is 85% or less of the car’s kerbweight, the car will tow it with ease. If it’s between 85% and 100%, be careful – only experienced caravanners should use that car to tow such a heavy van.

How powerful can a car be to tow a caravan?

Your caravan should never weigh more than 100% of your vehicle’s kerb weight, and should also not exceed your car’s maximum towing capacity. To work out your caravan’s weight as a percentage of your car’s kerb weight, simply take your caravan’s MAM figure, divide it by 85, and then multiply by 100.

How do you work out if your car can tow a caravan?

Before you head off to buy a caravan you will need to have an idea of what your car can tow. Start by looking in the handbook to find the kerbweight of your car and multiply it by 85/100. This will give you the important ’85 per cent’ figure. Now check the towing limit for your particular model of car in the handbook.

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Does car insurance cover towing a caravan?

Most car insurance policies cover your vehicle while towing a caravan, but they almost certainly won’t cover damage to your caravan in the event of a collision. Do check, but you’ll probably find that caravans are specifically excluded in the policy. That’s why it’s important to take out additional caravan insurance.

Is there an age limit for towing a caravan?

There is no lower age limit for towing a caravan, it all depends upon your licence having the relevant entitlements. If you passed your test after January 19, 2013, and the combined weight of the caravan is more than 3.5 tonnes, you’ll have to pass a further test in category B+E.

Can a 1.8 car pull a caravan?

What engine size do I need to tow a caravan? An engine size of 1.8L petrol or diesel will manage towing functions competently. Smaller engines can be used but towing with a 1.6L engine will restrict your towing weight to a maximum of 1500kg.

Do you need 4 wheel drive to tow a caravan?

Many tow car drivers choose a four-wheel-drive car. It’s not essential – plenty of front and rear-wheel-drive models tow very well – but if you plan to tow all-year round in any weather then it’s well worth considering.

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