Can you get the Sasquatch package with a manual transmission?

Answering the Call of Enthusiasts, Bronco Brand Expands Sasquatch Package to Models with 7-Speed Manual Transmission.

Does the Sasquatch package include a lift?

This is what the Sasquatch Package includes: 1.2-inch Suspension Lift-Kit. Higher-Mounted Fender Flares. 17-inch Beadlock-Compatible Wheels.

How much is the Sasquatch option?

Currently, the Sasquatch Package costs $4,995, the 10 speed transmission costs $1,595 and the Advanced 4×4 costs $795. Add it up, and buyers are looking at $7,385 for the total costs. Yes, that’s a pricy option, but the whole deal used to cost $8,980 before these recent updates.

How much will Sasquatch package cost?

Here’s a precise breakdown: the Sasquatch Package alone currently costs $4,995, but in order to get it on those aforementioned models, buyers must tack on the optional 10-speed automatic transmission ($1,595) and the Advanced 4×4 package ($795).

Does the 4 door Bronco come in manual?

Beginning in late 2021, Ford will offer the Bronco with the seven-speed manual and Sasquatch Package. Ford says this will make the Bronco the only vehicle in its class with a seven-speed manual and 35-inch tires. … With the inclusion of manual-equipped Broncos, that makes every Bronco Sasquatch-able.

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