Does the 2009 Saturn Vue have a Honda engine?

In a move that doesn’t come as a big surprise, GM has decided to drop the Honda engine option for the;second-generation 2008 Saturn VUE when it goes on sale this summer,;according to a report in;Automotive News. … Taking the place of the Honda engine will be GM’s high feature 3.6-liter V-6.

What year does Saturn Vue have Honda engine?

This V-6 engine was used in the Saturn Vue 2004 to 2007 model years .

What kind of engine does a Saturn have?

The powerplant used in Saturn S-Series automobiles was a straight-4 aluminum piston engine produced by Saturn, a subsidiary of General Motors.

Saturn I4 engine.

Saturn engine
Configuration Straight-4
Displacement 1.9 L; 116.0 cu in (1,901 cc)
Cylinder bore 82 mm (3.23 in)
Piston stroke 90 mm (3.54 in)

How many miles will a Saturn Vue last?

How many miles can a Saturn Vue last? There is no maximum mileage . Most cars are manufactured to run to 100,000 miles without major maintenance. You should go to the local Saturn dealer and ask for the maintenance schedule.

Is Saturn a good car to buy?

Customers Reviews in Favour for Buying Saturn

Several customers have reported that their Saturn cars have been working fine, and they have supported in favor of buying them. Some reports for your consideration. ‘I own a repair shop, and any model of Saturn which I look at is in good condition. It is a great choice.

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Do Saturn Vues have transmission problems?

Saturn Vue Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

Problem – On vehicles equipped with the 3.6L V6 and 6-speed automatic transmission, drivers may experience no reverse, slipping, and/or harsh shifting between 3rd-5th gears. They may also have diagnostic trouble codes P0776 and P0842.

Can you still get Saturn car parts?

It’s important to note that the owner of the Saturn brand, General Motors, is still alive and well, and still offers parts and service for all Saturn vehicles. This makes a lot of sense for 3 reasons: 1. They’re required by law to supply parts for their vehicles for at least 10 years.

Who made Saturn engines?

Car repair school