Frequent question: What is 48y frame on motor?

The Flex-frame motors are usually labeled as 48Y, but will have the distinct pedestal at its base. The Flex is unique because it uses four thin partially threaded screws (known as thru bolts) that are slid the length of the motor through the back end and screwed into the seal plate.

What is the difference between 48Y and 56Y frame?

The only difference between the 56Y and 48Y frame is the circumference of the motor. They will both mount to the seal plate of the pump. Because of the different motor sizes, you will need to adjust the relative heights of pump and motor so that they line up properly if you mix the frames.

What does frame size mean on a motor?

There are many motors of the same horsepower built in different frames. NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) frame size refers to mounting only and has no direct bearing on the motor body diameter. In any standard frame number designation there are either two or three numbers.

What does 56C frame mean?

Flange Mounting Defined

Kinch says the “C” in “56C” stands for a flange or faceplate mounting system. The four mounting points are on the face of the motor, where the shaft comes out.

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What size is a 48 frame motor?


Nema Series D H
48 3 11/32 Slot
56 56H 3 1/2 11/32 Slot
143T 145T 3 1/2 11/32
182T 184T 4 1/2 13/32

What is pump frame size?

Motor Frame Size

The physical size of the spa pump motor is referred to as frame. Spa main pumps have a size of either 48 frame (approx. 5.5″ diameter), or 56 frame (approx. 6.5″ diameter). … A 56 frame motor’s bolts will be spaced more than 4 inches apart.

What type of shaft does a 56Y frame motor have?

Its large 6.5 frame boasts a stainless steel shaft for extremely durable housing and its thermally protected, Class B insulated design keeps the motor cool to prevent overheating.

How do you determine engine frame size?

Just divide the first two digits by four. Thus, a 405 frame (original, U frame, or T frame) has a shaft height of 40 divided by 4, or 10 in. Although no direct inch measurement relates to it, the third digit of three-digit frame sizes is an indication of the motor body’s length.

What is frame and frame size in case of induction motor?

In fractional horsepower motors the frame sizes are two digits and represent the shaft height of the motor from the bottom of the base in sixteenths of an inch. For example, a 56-frame motor would have a shaft height (“D” dimension) of 56/16 of an inch, or 3.5 inches.

What does 145TC frame mean?

A motor with the frame number 145TC tells you that the motor is on a 145T frame with C-face installed. The T stands for feet. So if you ordered a 145TC frame motor, you get feet and the C-face on a 145 frame.

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What is a 184 frame motor?

A motor’s frame size is a reference to the size of the mounting footprint, shaft diameter, and shaft length. These motors are all frame size 184. In terms of mounting, these motors can replace each other and other motors with the same frame size.

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