Frequent question: Who bought out Tecumseh Engines?

Tecumseh Power Company’s former gasoline engine and powertrain product lines are sold to Platinum Equity, LLC which continues to do business as Tecumseh Power. Tecumseh Products Company closes its small engine manufacturing division and sells off its Peerless transmissions business unit to Husqvarna Outdoor Products.

Is Briggs and Stratton the same as Tecumseh?

Briggs & Stratton & Tecumseh are both excellant engines.

Are Tecumseh engines any good?

Subject: RE: are Tecumseh engines any good? They’re ok. Same as most other small engines…..if there is much wrong with it, just replace it.

Are Tecumseh Motors still made?

In short, Tecumseh engines and parts are currently manufactured by LCT, CPC and Lauson Engines.

When did Clinton engines go out of business?

From 1950 to 1985, Clinton Engines Corp. was the world’s largest producer of small gasoline engines. They exported products, all made in Maquoketa, to 91 countries. The museum will feature interactive professional exhibits as well as the hometown feel of pictures of past plant employees.

What year is my Tecumseh engine?

Use the first one or two numbers to estimate the year of the engine. If there are four numbers, the engine was built before 2004 and the first digit is the last digit of the year. For example, 2 means the engine was built in 1982, 1992 or any year before 2004 that ends in two. You must estimate the decade.

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Why are Tecumseh Engines bad?

The throttle shaft bushings would hog out and let air in and screw up the fuel air mixture also,and ruined the idle quality.. Bad carbs and thrown rods were the most common reasons to find a dead Tecumseh in the dump…it’s likely the carb caused the engine to over-rev and toss the rod..

Are Tecumseh Engines good snowblower?

Tecumseh was always better for the snowblower engines..they really owned that niche, and did all the research for making a good “winter engine”.. For Briggs, it was always a secondary market… While conversely Briggs dominated the lawnmower market..which gets back to “If it’s for summer, get a Briggs.

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