How do you install a windshield transponder?

How do you install a transponder in a car?

Where to Place the Transponder. The transponder goes on the inside of the windshield close to the rearview mirror. Place the transponder as high and as central on the windshield as possible. Tip: Place the transponder slightly to the right of the rearview mirror so it is not in the driver’s field of vision.

Where do I stick the FASTag sticker on my car?

It is always better to stick the FASTag in top centre of the windscreen, just behind the rear-view mirror and to be pasted from inside. Sticking the FASTag in centre of the windscreen helps in easy and troublefree scanning at all toll gates as the scanner is placed in the middle of the roof.

How do you fast track a car?

How to buy Paytm FASTag?

  1. Search for “FASTag” on the Paytm App. Click on the “Buy FASTag for Car/ Van/ Jeep” icon on the FASTag store.
  2. Enter your Vehicle Registration Number.
  3. Confirm your delivery address & proceed for payment through any of the available payment options.

How do you remove EZ Pass tape from windshield?

Grip the strip’s corner with the needle nose pliers and slowly remove the strip using a rolling motion. Apply WD40 to any remaining residue on your windshield after removing the strips. Make sure to wipe the glass clean.

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Can I use my SunPass Mini in another car?

Also, keep in mind that if you purchase and activate a SunPass Mini for use in your rental, once removed, the SunPass Mini will no longer function and cannot be reattached to another vehicle’s windshield. What if I’m driving a rental vehicle and miss paying a toll?

Can I use my SunPass transponder in another car?

Yes, you may transfer a transponder between vehicles as long as they are of the same vehicle class. There are penalties for using a transponder in a different vehicle class (i.e. Car transponder in a tractor- trailer.)

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