How do you select a conveyor motor?

How do you select a motor for chain conveyor?

Belt conveyor with a Bodine 42A-FX PMDC gearmotor and WPM DC motor speed control. In order to size a gearmotor, we need to identify: Speed (N) – The speed required to drive the application per its specifications. TACCEL – The reflected acceleration torque.

How do you calculate horsepower for a conveyor?

Since one horsepower (HP) = 33,000 ft-lbs/min, required conveyor drive power may be expressed in HP as follows, (Te in lbs) x (V in fpm)/((33,000 ft-lbs/min)/HP) = HP.

How do you calculate motor power for a roller conveyor?

Motor Power Calculation for Roller Conveyors

  1. Length of roller – 600mm.
  2. Weight of roller – 8 kg.
  3. Diameter of roller – 60mm.
  4. Roller material – M.S.
  5. Transportable mass – 100 kg.
  6. Number of rollers in conveyor – 6 Nos.
  7. Length of conveyor-800mm.

How do you choose a motor?

There are several characteristics that you need pay attention to when selecting a motor but voltage, current, torque, and velocity (RPM) are most important. Current is what powers the motor and too much current will damage the motor. For DC motors, operating and stall current are important.

How do you calculate chain pull?

To determine the chain pull due to friction, multiply total moving load by selected friction factor. A. Multiply total live load from (E) in Step #3 by friction factor of . 025.

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How much power does a conveyor belt use?

Abstract. High capacity conveyor belts are driven with two or four slip-ring induction motors. The investigated conveyor belt is characterised by capacity of 11000 m3/h and is driven with two four slip-ring induction motors rated at 630 kW each.

How do you calculate the TPH of a belt conveyor?

CAPACITY (TPH) = . 03 x Belt Speed (FPM) x material weight (lb. per cu. ft.)

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