How hard is it to build a jet engine?

Jet engines are not difficult to manufacture. There are more than 30 nations who make or have made jet engines. What is difficult is to design them. To develop all the involved technologies.

How much does it cost to build a jet engine?

Merrill estimates the cost of a production engine at $44,000, about the same as the price of current piston engines of similar power. But the estimate is dependent on a production run in the thousands. The other aircraft in the Merrill line have similarly surprising numbers.

Why is it difficult to make jet engines?

It is very difficult to trade off performance demands against the high thermal, mechanical and aerodynamic loads placed on the turbine parts. The hot gas path is so hot that the gas literally softens and melts metal. Naturally, this is a problem when trying to build something made of metal that spins very fast.

Do jet engines need oil changes?

Generally, there are no scheduled oil changes for jet engines. During engine maintenance, however, oil filters and seals are checked and changed if necessary. … Typical “top‑ups” are done on a daily basis, so jet engines always have some fresh oil but rarely need a complete oil change.

Why are jet engines so expensive?

Jet engines are so expensive, because they are getting more and more sophisticated and fuel efficient. After landing the A380, the controls to shutdown the engine were not working. Firefighters tried for hours to shutdown the number 1 engine without success.

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Why can’t China make jet engines?

The main difficulty lies in the metallurgy and machining. A single engine on a civilian Boeing 747 airliner, for example, has at least 40,000 parts. Temperatures in that engine can reach as high as 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and its fan blades can spin well over 3,000 times a minute during an hours-long flight.

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