How many bolts does a 4l80e transmission pan have?

Easiest way to tell is pan shape. 4L80E is shaped like a rectangle with two corners lopped off and 17 bolts.

How many bolts hold up the transmission pan?

How many bolts does a 4L60E transmission have? Only 6 bolts hold a 4l60E in.

What is the torque on transmission pan?

Setting the pan bolts to 12 foot-pounds of torque is only recommended after the pan is properly inspected and repaired.

Will a 6.0 bolt up to a 4L80E?

That 6.0L has a crank spacer and flat flywheel (to bolt them up to the 4l80) which it has the same spacing as the earlier trans. Make any sense? You will have to fit the 6.0L flexplate the earlier converter by drilling holes to match the 60 holes. I would have gotten a 4l80 the 6.0L will eat 4l60 up pretty quick!

How do you separate transmission pans?

Place the head of a flat head screwdriver — horizontally — into the seam and lightly tap the handle of the screwdriver with the rubber mallet until the head of the screwdriver penetrates the seam. Lightly pry downward to break the bond between the transmission and transmission pan.

How much transmission fluid goes in a 4L60E?

The fluid capacity of the 4L60e is 12 quarts of transmission fluid (dry). This amount is based on a stock, “shallow” transmission pan with a 12″ torque converter.

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Do I need a torque wrench for transmission pan?

Re: Tranny pan bolts without a torque wrench

Even the cheap Harbor Freight torque wrench is a must for anyone doing anything with a pan but doesnt need a professional one. Over tighten the bolts and they will strip. Under tighten and it will leak. Dont tighten evenly and it will leak.

What happens if you over torque transmission pan bolts?

Over tightening the bolts can easily damage the pan of a transmission. The flange of the transmission pan should be flat and have no bulges. Over tightening the pan bolts causes the flange to distort. Inspect the pan and make sure the flange is flat.

What year 4L80E will interchange?

The 4L80E transmission was introduced in 1991 and remained in production until 2013. The 22 years of usage is a testament to its robustness and strength. 1991–2013 Chevrolet C/K/Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra V8.

What transmission does a 6.0 Vortec have?

All 6.0L Vortec engines are mated to GM’s 6L90 automatic transmission. The 6.0L Vortec features unique high flow cylinder heads with “cathedral” shaped intake ports and “D” shaped exhaust ports.

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