How many engines does a 737 have?

The CFM56-7B is the exclusive engine for the Boeing Next-Generation single-aisle airliner. In total, over 8,000 CFM56-7B engines are in service on 737 aircraft, making it the most popular engine-aircraft combination in commercial aviation.

How many engines does a 737 500 have?

The Boeing 737-500 is a twin-engined short-to-medium-range narrowbody airliner with a capacity of maximum 132 passengers produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


Propulsion 2 Turbofan Engines
Engine Power (each) 89,4 kN 20100 lbf

How far can a 737 fly?

The Boeing 737 MAX is the name given to the main MAX 737-7/8/9/10 series and high-density MAX 200 variant of the Boeing 737 family. It is offered in four main variants, typically offering 138 to 230 seats and a range of 3,215 to 3,825 nmi (5,954 to 7,084 km).

How fast can a 737 go?

Plane facts and figures

Aircraft type Speed in km/u* Schiphol daily*
Boeing 737 850 96
Boeing 777 905 28
Boeing 787 Dreamliner 907 15
Embraer 190 829 96

Are Boeing 737 500 still flying?

Boeing manufactured 389 of the 737-500 before the model was discontinued. As many as 100 remain in use by smaller airlines around the world in countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Russia and Ukraine, according to the tracking website

How much horsepower does a Boeing 737 have?

Airlines have options of what equipment, engines, and many other things they have fitted on their aircraft. B737s have various engine power ratings. The power is not expressed in horsepower but the equivalent is 40,000 to 80,000 horsepower, depnding on the dngine model.

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How much does a Boeing 737 engine cost?

Aircraft Pricing

Aircraft model Engine New Price
Boeing 737-800 Pratt & Whitney, GE, ROLLS-ROYCE $89.1M
Boeing 737-900ER Pratt & Whitney, GE $94.6M
Boeing 747-400 Pratt & Whitney, GE, ROLLS-ROYCE $240M
Boeing 747-400F Pratt & Whitney, GE, ROLLS-ROYCE $270M
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