How much is a 400 hp outboard engine?

The lightest version of the 400R — 20-inch length with the 5.44-inch HD gear case — weighs 668 pounds, according to Mercury, the same as the Verado 350. Big power carries a big price: Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Verado 400R ranges from $31,530 to $36,120 with a two-year warranty.

How fast does a 400 hp boat go?

At 3,500 rpm and around 27 mph, our decibel recording still measured in at just 80 — and a big part of that was from wind noise. As for performance numbers, the twin 400 Verados pushed the Axopar 37 to a top speed of 62.7 mph at 6,800 rpm, burning a combined 76 gph.

How much does a 450 hp engine cost?

You’ll pay for that power. Pricing for the 450R ranges from $54,000 to $64,000, depending on gear case and other options—about 50 percent more than the Mercury Racing 400R.

How much does the Mercury 450R cost?

According to Mercury Racing Director of Marketing Steve Miller, the new 450R models will have a price range of $54,000 to $64,000 depending on gearcase and other options – about 50 percent more at retail price than Mercury Racing 400R.

How fast can a 50 HP boat go?

It beats the heck out of rowing either way. I have a 16 foot boat with 50 hp 4 stroke Merc, and it tops out at about 30-35 mph depending on how much weight is in the boat.

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Is 30 mph fast for a boat?

The trusty, stable pontoon boat can travel a good deal faster than many people think. Pontoon boat speeds can surpass 30 MPH under the right conditions, with a few pontoon boats even reaching the 35 MPH mark thanks to larger engines and great conditions.

How fast is a 40 hp boat motor?

A 40hp Pontoon boat with an average load of people can expect to reach speeds of around 10 – 15 mph. A lot depends on the size of the pontoon boat, how many people are on it, and the weather conditions.

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