How much is a Missouri State Vehicle Inspection?

Q: What fees are associated with obtaining a motor vehicle safety inspection? A: Inspection stations may charge no more than $12.00 for the safety inspection of passenger vehicles and trucks, and no more than $10.00 for the safety inspection of motorcycles, motor tricycles, and autocycles.

How much does car inspection cost in Missouri?

How much are car inspections in Missouri? Typically, an inspection will cost you $12.00. What’s more, if you failed your inspection but made the necessary fixes within 20 days, the second inspection should be free.

Is Missouri doing away with vehicle inspections?

A new law taking effect on August 28 will change the state’s vehicle inspection rules. On Wednesday, Gov. The old law required every other year inspections for vehicles more than 5 years old. …

What does a Missouri vehicle inspection include?

The safety inspection insures that vehicles on Missouri roads meet a minimum safety standard of safety. Items checked include lighting, mirrors, glass, brakes, windshield wipers, suspension, and steering components. The state mandated maximum fee for a safety inspection is $12.

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Does Missouri require vehicle inspections?

Missouri law requires all motor vehicles to pass a vehicle safety inspection performed by an authorized Missouri inspection station, unless exempt as detailed below. The renewal notice you receive from the Department of Revenue will assist you in determining if your vehicle needs to have a safety inspection.

Do I need an inspection to renew my tags in Missouri?

To renew your license plates, you will need:

A Missouri safety inspection and/or emissions inspection certificate not more than 60 days old, if applicable; … The correct registration (license plate) and processing fee.

What will fail a car inspection in Missouri?

The inspector is going to be concerned with the following exterior items on your car: wiper blade condition; rear, signal and brake lights; reflectors, gas filler cap, front lights and inlet restrictor.

What year vehicles are exempt from emissions in Missouri?

The Missouri measure also exempts all vehicles 26-years old and older from emissions inspections. The 26-year rolling emissions test exemption will replace current law which only exempts vehicles manufactured prior to the 1971 model year.

What vehicles are exempt from emissions in Missouri?

Vehicles that don’t need emissions testing

  • New (unused) vehicles within first model year that has an odometer reading of fewer than 6,000 at the time of original sale by a vehicle manufacturer or licensed motor vehicle dealer to the first user;
  • Plug-In Hybrid Electric and Electric Vehicles;

Will a cracked windshield pass inspection in Missouri?

Any cracks, chips or areas of discoloration that are located within an area four inches above the bottom of the windshield and within the swipe of the windshield wipers in the driver’s view are not permitted. … No cracks longer than three inches are permitted within the swipe area of the windshield wipers.

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How long does an emissions test take in Missouri?

The Missouri GVIP test technician can check your vehicle’s engine and emissions systems, and see if any monitors state a “Not Ready” status. The test personnel can complete the test in around 2 minutes.

Can you sell a car in Missouri without an inspection?

Dealers may also sell a vehicle without a current valid emissions inspection compliance certificate. … The dealer is required to have the necessary repairs made, at no cost to the purchaser, that result in the vehicle receiving an emissions test ‘Pass,’ as no waiver is available to a dealer with this type of sale.

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