What are the characteristics of transmission media?

Different transmission media have different properties such as bandwidth, delay, cost and ease of installation and maintenance. The transmission media is available in the lowest layer of the OSI reference model, i.e., Physical layer.

What is transmission media explain six characteristics of transmission media?

(i) The bandwidth is shared so that maximum usage is obtained. (ii) There are two transmission modes, base band and broad band transmissions. (iii) Base band devotes the entire capacity of the medium to one communication channel. communication medium.

What are the essential characteristics of guided transmission medium?

Characteristics Of Shielded Twisted Pair:

An installation of STP is easy. It has higher capacity as compared to unshielded twisted pair cable. It has a higher attenuation. It is shielded that provides the higher data transmission rate.

What is another name for transmission media?

A physical medium in data communications is the transmission path over which a signal propagates. Many different types of transmission media are used as communications channel.

Which transmission media has the highest?

Answer:Optical fiber has the highest transmission in network. Explanation:An optical fiber is a thin fiber which is made up of glass or plastic.

What are the four basic types of guided media?

There four basic types of Guided Media :

  • Open Wire.
  • Twisted Pair.
  • Coaxial Cable.
  • Optical Fiber.
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What do you mean by a transmission medium?

The transmission medium can be defined as a pathway that can transmit information from a sender to a receiver. Transmission media are located below the physical layer and are controlled by the physical layer. Transmission media are also called communication channels.

Which is not an example of transmission media?

Microwave System is not a transmission medium rather than it other options is used for transmission of data over a cables as well as lines.

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