What does a 4r100 transmission fit?

The 4R100 is a heavy-duty four-speed automatic transmission used in rear-wheel drive trucks that have a 7.3-liter diesel engine. … If you have a truck that needs to carry a heavy load, you can depend on the 4R100, which offers a step 2.71 first gear that is excellent for towing.

Are all 4R100 transmissions the same?

The early ’99 4R100 had an on/off torque converter clutch solenoid. All other 4R100s had a PWM torque converter clutch solenoid. That makes the early ’99 unique and all others the same. They are NOT interchangeable.

What did the 4R100 transmission come in?

Ford’s 4R100 automatic transmission replaced the E4OD transmission for the 1999 model year Ford Super Duty, and was mated to the 7.3L Power Stroke diesel through 2003 model year trucks. When the 7.3L was phased out, so was the 4R100 transmission.

How many miles will a 4R100 transmission last?

I consider the life of a 4R100 to be about 120K miles. If this truck you are looking at has 200K, them most likely it has had a new transmission at some point. I’ve heard of them lasting that long, but not very often. If it breaks, it will cost around 2000-2500 for a shop to rebuild it for you.

Is a 4R100 transmission good?

The 4R100 is a computer controlled 4-speed automatic with a 1,000 lb-ft capacity from the factory. … However, like any high-mile automatic transmission, your 4R100 is sure to have some wear that should be addressed before you pump more power through it. Though it’s a good transmission, the 4R100 can be made be better.

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How do I know if I have a 4R100 transmission?

The AOD has a slash coming in on both front corners. The AODE 4R70W will have these two slashes on the two front corners as well as a circular indentation at the top left corner. Finally the E40D 4R100 maintains a rectangle type shape with a small rectangle chunk cut out from the front right corner.

How do I know if my transmission is E40D?

You can measure the transmission fluid pan to determine which transmission you have if identification information is not available. A 4R70W transmission pan has an overall length of just under 15 inches, while an E4OD pan is much larger, measuring about 20 inches in overall length.

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