What is a CGI engine block?

CGI is a specialty grade of cast iron that has greater tensile strength, stiffness, and fatigue strength than gray iron or aluminum, and has gained wide popularity among engine manufacturers seeking to reduce weight, noise, and emissions for their designs. …

What are the advantages of the compacted graphite iron CGI cylinder block in the Cummins v8 diesel engine compared to traditional iron?

Another key advantage of the Cummins diesel design is that it provides maximum durability and power in a lightweight package. Weight was reduced by building the cylinder block out of compacted graphite iron (CGI), which is stronger and lighter than traditional iron.

What are Cummins engine blocks made of?

Current 6.7-liter Cummins-powered Rams use a standard cast iron block which has been known to hold up well, but there are many benefits to moving to a CGI block. First of all CGI is roughly 75% stronger than traditional iron, as well as 45% stiffer and has double the fatigue strength.

Are engine blocks bulletproof?

Pretty much nothing but thick tree trunks and engine blocks will be ‘bulletproof‘ in the sense of being able to actually absorb bullets before they reach you.

Are Honda blocks aluminum?

Honda uses aluminum-alloy castings for major components such as the cylinder block, cylinder head and transmission cases.

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How is compacted graphite iron made?

Foundry Production

Similar to ductile iron, compacted graphite iron is produced by adding magnesium to a desulfurized base iron. As shown in Figure 3, CGI is stable over a range of approximately 0.008% magnesium (Mg), which is approximately five times smaller than the commercially used Mg-range for ductile iron.

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