What is a private light goods vehicle?

The term private light goods vehicle refers to a specific taxation class. … The private or light goods (PLG) class is intended for private motor cars and goods vehicles not exceeding 3,500kg that were registered before 1 March 2001. It can also include vehicles used for private (non-trade or business) purposes.

Is my car private light goods?

Cars registered before 1 March 2001 are classed as Private/Light Goods (PLG) vehicles, or private motor cars or good vehicles not more than 3,500kg revenue weight. The system is very straightforward, with cars split into two categories of engine size – not over 1549cc and over 1549cc.

What is a light goods vehicle UK?

► Light goods vehicles / light vans 4-wheel vehicles constructed for transporting goods. Must have a gross weight of 3.5 tonnes or less. … Must have a gross weight more than 3.5 tonnes.

What counts as a goods vehicle?

“goods vehicle” means a motor vehicle constructed or adapted for use for the carriage of goods, or a trailer so constructed or adapted.

Who is exempt from using tachograph?

The main types of exempt vehicle are: vehicles that cannot go faster than 40 kilometres per hour, including vehicles that are restricted by a set speed limiter. emergency aid vehicles – vehicles used in the non-commercial transport of humanitarian aid for use in emergencies or rescue operations.

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What is classed as a light van?

A Light Commercial Vehicle or LCV is another term for a van, basically. It refers to vans that weigh 3500kgs (3.5-tonnes) or less, which includes vans like the Ford Transit or the Mercedes Sprinter.

Is a Ford Ranger classed as a car or van?

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is proof that you can use a workhorse commercial vehicle as an everyday car. It’s big, but the Ranger is pretty easy to drive and has four doors plus space for five. That makes it as usable as any SUV. … Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is a commercial vehicle first and foremost.

What’s classed as a light van?

Sits between car-derived and panel vans, offering a greater load volume and capacity than a car-derived van. Suitable for carrying small to medium loads. Used by plumbers, handymen, gardeners, and for small deliveries.

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