What is a shunt motor?

A shunt motor is a “winding-field DC motor” that generates magnetic field flux using electromagnets. Its field winding and armature winding are connected in parallel. A feature of this motor is that the rotating speed does not change significantly if the load (on the motor shaft) varies. …

What are shunt motors used for?

The shunt motors are used where constant speed is required and starting conditions are not severe. The various applications of DC shunt motor are in Lathe Machines, Centrifugal Pumps, Fans, Blowers, Conveyors, Lifts, Weaving Machine, Spinning machines, etc.

What is the difference between shunt and series motor?

A series motor respond by decreasing its speed with small increase in current for a given load torque. A shunt motor holds its speed nearly constant with large increase in input current for same amount of load torque.

What is the main disadvantage of a shunt motor?

As the load changes, a shunt wound motor runs at a predictable speed. If variable speed is desired, constant speed can be a disadvantage. The lifetime of the motor is usually not improved by brushes.

What is the characteristics of shunt motor?

Performance Curves of a DC Shunt Motor:

1.17, four important characteristics of a dc shunt motor, namely, torque, speed, armature current, and efficiency, each plotted against the useful output power, are shown. These curves are also known as performance curves of a motor.

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What happens to a shunt motor when the starting torque required is too high?

Properly functioning control circuitry will detect a lack of synchronization and secure the motor. If the control circuitry fails and the motor fails to reach synchronous speed, the damper windings will literally melt resulting in a very expensive repair.

What do you mean by shunt?

to shove or turn (someone or something) aside or out of the way. to sidetrack; get rid of. Electricity. to divert (a part of a current) by connecting a circuit element in parallel with another. to place or furnish with a shunt.

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