What is difference between ie2 and ie3 Motors?

Voltage and frequency: IE3/YE3 series motor rated voltage is 380V, frequency is 50Hz, 3KW (4HP) and below Y connection, other power was delta connection (or as request). IE3=IP55, which improves the ability of the motor to dust and waterproof. Efficiency:IE3 average value is 91.5%, IE2 average value is 87%.

What is IE2 in motor?

The IE Efficiency classes defined as: IE1-Standard Efficiency (Comparable to EFF2) IE2-High Efficiency (Comparable to EFF1) IE3 – Premium Efficiency. Havells is the first in India to introduce complete range of IE2, IE3 Efficiency Motors.

Which motor has highest efficiency?

ABB recently set the world record for electrical synchronous motor efficiency. During factory acceptance tests (FATs) carried out with the customer present, we recorded a result of 99.05% full load efficiency on a 44 megawatt, 6-pole, synchronous motor.

Why is IE2 greater than IE1?

Second ionization energy is greater than first ionization energy for an element as it is harder to remove a negatively charged electron from the positively charged ion.

Are motors standard?

This standard specifies the performance requirements and efficiency of three phase squirrel cage energy efficient induction motors. This standard was first published in 1989 and revised in 2004 to include two types of energy efficiency values.

How do you calculate motor efficiency?

To calculate a motor’s efficiency, you must measure its mechanical output power and divide it by the electrical input power. Measuring mechanical output power is fairly easy: You can use a torque meter to find the mechanical power based on the motor’s speed and load. Measuring input power is not as straightforward.

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What is IE4 efficiency?

IE4 represents the highest energy efficiency whilst IE1 represents the least energy efficiency. In other words, the higher the class number, the higher the motor efficiency. IE5 is to be incorporated in the next edition of IEC 60034-30-1, with a goal to obtain an energy loss reduction of 20% relative to IE4.

How do I get IE1?

Calculate the ionization energy, in units of electron volts, for a one-electron atom by squaring Z and then multiplying that result by 13.6.

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