What is drawn in the cylinder of diesel engine during suction stroke?

Explanation: In Diesel engines, during suction stroke, only air is drawn in the cylinder.

What is an engine during suction stroke draws?

Question 1: A petrol engine, during suction stroke draws A. air only B. petrol only C.a mixture of petrol and air Answer: The correct option is C, because the petrol engines requried both fuel and air during suction…

What is compressed in the cylinder of a diesel engine during the compression stroke?

Compression-Ignition Fuels. Diesel fuel specifications are almost the opposite of those for gasoline. Gasoline is designed to readily evaporate into air and not to ignite during compression in the engine cylinder. Air is compressed in the diesel engine cylinder before the fuel is injected so there can be no preignition …

What is a suction stroke?

: the stroke of the piston in an internal-combustion engine that effects the drawing in of the gaseous mixture to the engine cylinder.

Which one is correct for suction stroke of a diesel engine?

Explanation: In a diesel engine, during suction stroke only air is drawn.

How does it heat transfer make the four strokes engine work?

Heat is transferred from the source, through working fluid in the heat engine and into the sink, and in this process some of the heat is converted into work. … What Are the Strokes of a 4-Cycle Engine? At the end of the compression (previous) stroke, the spark plug fires and ignites the compressed air/fuel mixture.

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What is true regarding the compression stroke?

The compression stroke is the stroke in an engine in which the air or air/ fuel mixture is compressed before ignition. The intake valve closes and the piston starts up on the compression stroke. During the compression stroke, the piston moves up the cylinder, squeezing the fuel-air mix.

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