What is the difference between 6l80 and 6l90 transmission?

What is the difference between 6L80 and 6L90 transmission? The main difference between the 6L80 transmission and 6L90 transmission is the strength of the internal components. The 6L90 transmission case is 1-3/8” longer, which provides extra room to house two additional pinion gears (6 total).

Are 6L80 and 6L90 interchangeable?

The 6L80/90 has a maximum RPM limit of 6500 RPM. Not all 6L80/90’s are the same. GM states, “There is also a 6L90 “Lite” version without the additional clutch plate to more closely match application requirement where appropriate.”

How do I identify a 6L90 transmission?

there is a 4 digit designation on it… the first digit is a number and designates the Model yr… the 2nd digit is either a “B” or a “C” or a “D”….. the B is for 6L50, the C is for a 6L80, and the D is for a 6L90….. so for example…. a 1DKA is a 2011 model yr 6L90 transmission…. the last two letters is the …

What did the 6L90 come in?

The 6L90 is found in Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD pickups beginning with the 2007 model year. It is also used in the 2010 to current Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana 2500/3500 van series.

Is the 6L80 a good transmission?

The 6L80 is doubtless a very successful OEM transmission, and a terrific conversion transmission in the right Jeeps and situations. However, it is a long transmission and is not compatible with short-wheelbase Jeeps such as the CJ5.

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How long does a 6L80 transmission last?

New transmission features and designs extend the CVT lifespan. It is an automatic 2.5 L with 118,000 miles. Simply put, at 220 degrees you can expect ½ the life span, at … Related Pages. New from LG Motorsports – a deep transmission pan for the 6L80 transmission.

How much horsepower can a 6L90 transmission hold?

The 6L90 transmission is not a terrible transmission. In fact, it is a high-performance component capable of handling up to 700 horsepower. Along with the 6L80 model, this transmission powers the best cars and trucks that GM offers.

How much power can a 6L80E handle?

New SuperMatic 6L80E Six Speed Transmission Can Handle 650 LB-FT | GM Authority.

How much does it cost to rebuild a 6L90 transmission?

6L90 Transmission Rebuild Kit | 6L90E | Free Shipping | Circle D.

What is the difference between 6L90 and 6L90E?

The 6L90e is a heavier-duty version of the 6L80E, Upgrades consisted of a strengthened input gear set and a strengthened wider output gear set. The 6L90E also contains one more clutch plate in each clutch pack than the 6L80 for heavier duty applications.

How strong is 6L80E?

Developed with upgraded internal components, Chevrolet Performance’s SuperMatic 6L80-E 6-speed automatic transmission offers an exceptional torque rating of 650 lb. -ft.

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