What is the speed of a three pole motor operating at 50 Hz?

Shaft rotation speed – n – (rev/min, rpm)
Frequency – f – (Hz) Number of poles – p –
501) 3000 1000
602) 3600 1200
70 4200 1400

What speed is 50hz?

For 50 Hz motors, the speed is 3,000 rpm with 2 poles, and 1,500 rpm with 4 poles.

What is synchronous speed of 3-phase 2pole induction motor when it is given 50hz supply?

Solution. The frequency of 3-phase supply teu le frequency of 3-phase supply led to the induction motor is determined from the speed of the alternator and its number of poles. Supply frequency, 1 = NP/120 = 1000 x 6/120 = 50 Hz Synchronous speed. N = 120/P = 120 x 50/8 = 750 r.p.m.

Should I use 50Hz or 60Hz?

The primary difference between 50 Hz (Hertz) and 60 Hz (Hertz) is simply that 60 Hz is 20% higher in frequency. … Lower the frequency, speed of induction motor and generator will be lower. For example with 50 Hz, generator will be running at 3,000 RPM against 3,600 RPM with 60 Hz.

Can you convert 50Hz to 60Hz?

50hz to 60hz Converters

These 50Hz to 60Hz frequency converters are designed to supply 3 phase alternating current (AC) critical loads with high stability 50Hz or 60Hz frequency from a 50Hz or 60Hz input power source. … Equally, the system can be used when 60Hz equipment is required to operate from a 50Hz power supply.

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What is 120 in motor speed formula?

The equation for calculating synchronous speed is: S = 120 f/P speed = constant (120) times frequency of power source (60 Hz) divided by number of poles used in the motor (P).

How do I lower the RPM on my electric motor?

A couple of things you can do:

  1. Use gears to change ratio of speed, which is what you’re going to do. …
  2. Use a stepper motor, which are commonly used for high-torque, low RPM applications.
  3. Find some sort of PWM control circuit to slow it down, although you probably won’t be able to get it down to 5-10RPM.

What RPM does a 2 pole rotor produce 60Hz?

Primarily used in concert with gas and steam turbines that must spin very quickly to maintain their momentum, 2 pole generators run at 3,000 rpm at 50Hz frequencies and 3,600 rpm at 60Hz.

Can we increase the RPM of motor?

Yes, but with a small amount above the maximum speed under normal rated conditions. Increasing the speed can be achieved by increasing the supply frequency as the speed and frequency are directly proportional; however, there are two constraints.

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