What is the synchronous speed of a 4 pole motor?

Pairs of Poles Synchronous RPM Actual RPM
1 3600 3492–3420
2 1800 1746–1710
3 1200 1164–1140
4 900 873–855

What is the speed of a 4 pole 50hz synchronous machine?

The synchronous speed of 4 pole, 50 Hz Induction Motor is: 750 RPM.

What is synchronous speed of motor?

The synchronous speed is the speed of the revolution of the magnetic field in the stator winding of the motor. It is the speed at which the electromotive force is produced by the alternating machine. A machine that runs at synchronous speed is called a synchronous machine. …

Is a 2 pole motor faster than a 4 pole motor?

The number of poles has an inverse relationship with speed, i.e. more the number of poles less will be the speed of the motor. So, a 2 pole motor has more speed than a 4 pole motor. But, for heavy power, 4 pole motor is best than 2 pole motor. Gearbox below 3000rpm is always required for a 2 pole motor.

How do you tell if a motor is 2 pole or 4 pole?

A 2 pole motor is cylindrical in shape. The 4 pole motor is not cylindrical. A 2 pole motor has more revolution per minute. A 4 pole motor has less revolution per minute.

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What is 120 in motor speed formula?

The equation for calculating synchronous speed is: S = 120 f/P speed = constant (120) times frequency of power source (60 Hz) divided by number of poles used in the motor (P).

Can we increase the RPM of motor?

Yes, but with a small amount above the maximum speed under normal rated conditions. Increasing the speed can be achieved by increasing the supply frequency as the speed and frequency are directly proportional; however, there are two constraints.

What is a 4 pole 3 phase motor?

. For example, for a four-pole, three-phase motor, = 4 and = 1,500 RPM (for = 50 Hz) and 1,800 RPM (for. = 60 Hz) synchronous speed. The number of magnetic poles, , is equal to the number of coil groups per phase.

How many coils does a 6 pole motor have?

To create a six pole motor use six coils per phase that creates three north poles and three south poles and so on. The number of stator slots is always a multiple of six. When it comes to the pole number it’s always a multiple of two because the north and the South Pole always come in pairs.

Why does the synchronous motor run at synchronous speed?

This property is due to the inertia of the rotor; it cannot instantly follow the rotation of the magnetic field of the stator. Once the rotor nears the synchronous speed, the field winding is excited, and the motor pulls into synchronization.

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