What year Duramax has the Allison Transmission?

Transmission Type Model Years
ZF S6-650 6 spd manual 2001 – 2006 6.6L Duramax
Allison 1000 5 spd auto 2001 – 2005 6.6L Duramax
Allison 1000 6 spd auto 2006 – current 6.6L Duramax
6L50 6 spd auto 2005 – current 2.8L Duramax

Do all Duramax come with Allison Transmission?

Registered. They all came with the allison 5spd 01-early 05 models and allison 6 spd on the newer modes i believe late 05-08, very few came with a zf6 manual.

What year did Chevy start using the Allison Transmission?

Production of the Allison LCT 1000 began in 1999.

How do you tell if a Duramax has a Allison?

every duramax in a GM truck has an allison. look under the truck at the tranny, it should have a red spin on filter on it.

How much HP can a Allison 1000 handle?

Allison 1000, Six-Speed (‘07.5-’10)

By the time the LMM-powered GMs hit the market, aftermarket tuning of the TCM had progressed enough to where the Allison could withstand 430 to 450-rwhp for extended periods of time—and 500-rwhp on occasion.

Which transmission is better Aisin or 68RFE?

The 68RFE is not nearly as robust as the Aisin in any way, shape, or form. They are two totally different transmissions. … The difference is the Aisin has a much deeper First (3.75:1) and Second (2.0:1) to maximize the 6.7L’s torque delivery for more low-end pulling power.

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Why are Allison transmissions so good?

Unlike manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs), Allison Automatics have no power interrupts during shift changes. They make the best use of the engine’s horsepower and torque by delivering more of it to the wheels. … This not only saves time and money, it also provides maximum protection for the transmission.

Do all 8.1 have Allison?

In the LT trim trucks the Allison was standard equipment behind the 8.1L engine. NO Chevrolet or GMC pick-up truck was ever built with an 8.1L engine, and the 4L80/4L85E transmission. If you chose a pick-up truck with the standard 6.0L gas engine it would come with a 5-speed manual as standard equipment.

Can you put an Allison Transmission in a Dodge?

For guys with a Dodge six-speed 68RFE transmission, the Allison is a great choice. To build a 68RFE to handle what the Allison can, you can expect to pay just as much as simply putting an Allison in. For those wondering about the tap shifting capabilities, you don’t lose them.

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