When did Ford stop using Type F transmission fluid?

What vehicles use Type F transmission fluid?

Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F is recommended for automatic transmissions in Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln passenger cars and light trucks manufactured by Ford Motor Company and certain other makes prior to 1977, and some makes from 1977 to 1981 (consult the vehicle owners manual).

Is Type F transmission fluid the same as mercon?

What is the difference between DEXRON® III/MERCON® and type F transmission fluid? The Valvoline Type F transmission fluid is a high quality NON-friction modified fluid. DEXRON® III/MERCON includes friction modifiers in the fluid additive package.

What replaces ATF Type F?

There is:AMSOIL Super Shift® Racing Transmission Fluid SAE 10W. amsoil type f equivalent available.

What is a Ford F type transmission?

Valvoline Type F is a high-quality automatic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of your automatic transmission vehicle. … Provides excellent resistance to fluid oxidation/breakdown at high temperatures. Approved for 1980 and earlier Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

Can you mix Type F transmission fluid?

The two fluids mix with no problem. You can also use 7176 in older TFs but it won’t give the firmer shifts of Type F.

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Can you put Type F transmission fluid?

Mobil Type F ATF is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications requiring Type F fluid as follows: Automatic transmissions in certain older Toyota, Mazda, Volvo, and other imported vehicles that require an ESW-M2C33-F fluid. In addition, this type of ATF is specified for some Ford power steering systems.

Is Type F compatible with Mercon?

Type F is not compatible with any other ATF. Specifically, it is not compatible with Mercon ATFs. … Mercon is a suitable replacement for Type H and Type CJ fluid, but not for Type F. Mercon V—the most common Ford ATF in late model Fords, it is very much like Dexron III.

Can Mercon replace Type F?

Mercon Type H: An obsoleted Ford specification that differs from both General Motors Dexron and Ford Type F transmission fluids. It can be replaced by Mercon or Mercon V specification.

Can you use dexron in place of Type F?

RAY: If you put Dexron, Mercon or Chrysler 7176 transmission fluid in just about any transmission, it will perform just fine. … And in transmissions that are not designed for it, Type F fluid will cause rough shifts, and can even cause damage by making the torque converter engage before it should.

What viscosity is Type F transmission fluid?

Additional Details

Specific Gravity @ 60°F 0.864
Viscosity, Brookfield
cP @ -18°C 1100
cP @ -40°C 21300
Viscosity, Kinematic

What kind of fluid goes in a Powerglide transmission?

The instructor recommended using Ford fluid (type F) in all Powerglide or Turbo 350 transmissions. It is heavier duty fluid than the fluid that came in the transmission originally. I have used this fluid ever since in both Powerglide and Turbo 350s and never had any problems.

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