Where are Suzuki Motors made?

Suzuki outboard motors are made at the Toyokawa facility in the Aichi prefecture of Japan as well as in factories in other countries. Foreign manufacturing began with a 5 horsepower model, first produced in Thailand by the Thai Suzuki Motor Company in July of 1999.

Where are Suzuki engines made?

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a multinational automobile manufacturing company with its headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. Despite the fact Suzuki is a Japanese brand, European Swift models are produced at a plant in Hungary.

Who is Suzuki made by?

Suzuki headquarters in Hamamatsu
Headquarters Hamamatsu, Shizuoka , Japan

Do Suzuki use Toyota engines?

Suzuki to get two new Toyota models for Europe

Toyota build a Suzuki version of its Corolla hybrid wagon at its factory in Burnaston, England, starting in 2020. Toyota’s engine factory in Deeside, Wales, will produce engines for the wagon. … Toyota employs more than 3,200 people at the two plants.

Where are UK Suzuki cars made?

The new Suzuki — the first car the company will have produced in Britain — is expected to go into production next year. The car is a petrol-electric hybrid like most of the Corolla models that Toyota produces at Burnaston, and the its engines will be made by Toyota’s factory on Deeside in north Wales.

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Does Suzuki make its own engines?

This is a list of automobile engines developed and sold by the Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki is unusual in never having made a pushrod automobile engine, and in having depended on two-strokes for longer than most.

What goes wrong with Suzuki Swift?

The good news is that there are very few common problems to affect the Swift. There have been occasional reports of squeaking from the suspension which has generally been cured by a replacement bush or suspension arm, and cars that go unused for periods of time can succumb to flat batteries.

Why did Suzuki leave the US?

In a statement, Suzuki said that various challenges led to its withdrawal from the American market, including low sales volume, the limited number of models in its lineup and unfavorable foreign exchange rates.

Are Suzuki cars safe?

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza (GNCAP Rating:4-Stars):

The Maruti Brezza scored 4 stars at the Global NCAP crash tests making it one of the safest Maruti cars in India. While it scored well in the adult protection category, the test results under the child protection category are marginal.

Is Suzuki cheap to maintain?

According to the research by MoneySupermarket and Warranty Direct, Suzuki models are also some of the least expensive cars to maintain with the average repair costs being £234.96. … Car issues can be quite a headache, especially if you use your vehicle every day and can’t be without it.

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