Which of the following motor is preferred for blowers or centrifugal fans?

The most preferred motor for the blower is squirrel cage induction motor, synchronous motor, DC shunt Motor, Split-phase motor. Less than running torque.

Which motors are preferred in case of blowers?

For blowers which of the following motor is preferred?

  • A. D.C. series motor.
  • D.C. shunt motor.
  • Squirrel cage induction motor.
  • Wound rotor induction motor.

Which motor is useful for blowers and fan?

Induction motors — or (in the context of blowers in particular) often called by the more playful squirrel-cage motors (to avoid confusion with inducer-blower products). In fact, these motors are the most common used in blowers today, as they excel in high-horsepower blower and cooling-fan applications.

Which DC motor is used in blowers?

Ceiling fans specifically use the brushless DC motor, that is, the synchronous DC motor. DC motors require less electrical energy and help to minimize power consumption up to 70%.

Which of the following motor is used for centrifugal pumps?

DC shunt motor: It is an almost constant speed motor. Hence it is used for driving constant speed line shafts, lathes, centrifugal pumps, small printing presses, paper making machines, etc.

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Which motor is usually preferred for the elevator nowadays?

AC slip ring or DC compound motors are prefer for lifts. Shunt type commutator motors are preferred in case of single phase installation. The latest lift designs use 3-phase induction motors with variable frequency drive electronic controls.

Which motor is used in room heater?

A DC brushed motor is really a 3 phase AC motor with a mechanical commutator to convert incoming DC into 3 phase AC. Then the part with the windings can be the nonmoving stator. This is great, because the fastest wearing parts in a DC brushed motor are the brushes and commutator.

Which type of drive is used for textile industry?

This is one of the main applications in which dc motors are widely used in fine speed applications such as in rolling mills and in paper mills. High starting torque: DC series motors are termed as best suited drives for electrical traction applications used for driving heavy loads in starting conditions.

Which of the following motor is preferred for traction work?

Explanation: DC motors are used for traction as, according to the characteristics of DC motors speed is inversely proportional to torque and square of armature current as well, if linear magnetization is concerned. Thus, DC motors are perfectly suitable for traction. 2.

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