Why are American engines so underpowered?

1. American pushrod engines generally have lower redlines than overhead cam engines. Horsepower is proportional to torque multiplied by rpm, so if you can rev your engine higher and still maintain torque, you can produce more power. The limiting factor to how fast an engine can rev is usually the valvetrain.

Why are American cars so fuel inefficient?

The reason why American cars on average are fuel hungry, is because the cars that Americans buy are big and heavy, and equipped with big V6 and V8 engines. Compare a pickup truck with a small sedan.

Why did old engines make so little power?

higher compression from higher octane gasoline. better fuel mixture, moving from carburetor to fuel injection. water-cooling, providing better working conditions than air cooling.

Why are American cars more powerful?

Because the cars are much bigger and heavier than the little English/European cars. They have a lot further distance to travel so large cubic inch capacitiy V8 engines can be geared up for touring over long distances whilst achieving good fuel economy, the engine only ticks over at low RPMs.

Do European cars use horsepower?

European motors tend to have smaller engines (less torque) that rev high (more horsepower). Many countries that are not America tax cars by their displacement. This leads to engineering around this restriction to output the same horsepower with less displacement.

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Why are modern engines more powerful?

Modern engines are more powerful

People are more concerned with fuel economy now than when cars were new, but they’re also more concerned with engine power because modern cars are a lot heavier. So today’s engines are more powerful than their predecessors – even compared to engines that are just a few years old.

Why do v8 have more torque?

V-8’s don’t always have the most torque, just by being a V-8. Torque is controlled by the stroke of an engine, the longer the stroke, the more downward force is applied to the crankshaft in every power cycle. Multiply the number of cylinders of long stroke engines and more torque is available.

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