Why are jet engines in front of the wing?

Almost all modern large jet airplanes use engines in pods located a significant distance from the wing root for substantial wing bending relief. The pods are in front of the wing to help avoid flutter of the wing which, in turn, allows a much lighter wing structure.

Why are jet engines not protected in the front?

Mainly, it’s about heat. Or, really, heat as it applies to safety. Ice forming on the front of jet wings and their engines is a real risk when flying through cold clouds, so jets have the ability to redirect some hot air they’re already generating to this front ring to keep it hot and prevent ice from forming.

How cold is it at 35000 feet?

At 35,000 ft. (11,000 m), the typical altitude of a commercial jet, the air pressure drops to less than a quarter of its value at sea level, and the outside temperature drops below negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 51 degrees Celsius), according to The Engineering Toolbox.

What happens if you stand in front of a jet engine?

Standing behind a jet doing re-heat (afterburner) runs will likely cause death pretty quickly, either from extreme temperatures, or being thrown a couple of hundred feet, and landing on concrete.

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How much weight does paint add to a 747?

Amount of paint required

According to Boeing, a paint job weighs 555 lbs on a 747 (and that’s after it dries). This answer about aircraft paint would suggest the 40% of moisture is lost as aircraft paint drys.

Why do some planes have engines at the back?

A: The 717 engine produces less thrust, making it quieter. In addition, the exhaust, which is the noisiest part of the engine, sits at the back of the airplane, making the cabin quieter for most passengers. In airplanes with aft-mounted engines, only those passengers seated very near hear significant noise.

What are the disadvantages of aft fuselage engine location?

Disadvantages:The center of gravity of the empty airplane is moved aft – well behind the center of gravity of the payload. Thus a greater center of gravity range is required. This leads to more difficult balance problems and generally a larger tail. The wing weight advantage of wing mounted engines is lost.

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