Why do diesel engines produce more nitrogen monoxide?

Why do diesel engines produce more NOx than petrol engines? A. Diesel engines operate at a higher temperature and pressure than petrol engines. These conditions favour the production of NOx gases.

Do diesel engines produce more NOx?

Diesel cars also produce much more nitrogen dioxide (NO2) within the NOx emissions they emit. The European Commission’s scientists3 found the share of NO2 in the total NOX emissions reached 60% for diesel vehicles but was substantially lower for gasoline vehicles (0-30%). NO2 is the more toxic form of nitrogen oxides.

How do diesel engines reduce NOx emissions?

NOx emission can be reduced by primary methods such as retard injection, fuel nozzle modification, change of compression ratio, water direct injection, water emulsification, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and secondary method such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Can you run nitrous on a diesel?

Nitrous oxide injection, used as intended, is relatively safe for use in diesel engines. Diesel engines tend to be significantly more robust than a standard gasoline engine and therefore can withstand higher cylinder pressures without the tendency to experience a catastrophic failure.

What are the disadvantages of diesel cars?

Cons of diesel cars

  • Diesel cars tend to be more expensive to buy than similar petrol models.
  • Diesel fuel usually costs more.
  • Servicing can be more expensive, although you don’t need to do it as often.
  • Insurance can be 10-15% higher. [ …
  • Diesel cars produce a lot more NO2.
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How can I reduce my no2 emissions?

Options to reduce nitrous oxide emissions

  1. Use less nitrogen fertiliser. …
  2. Use split applications of nitrogen fertilisers. …
  3. Use legume crops or pastures in the rotation instead of nitrogen fertiliser. …
  4. Use minimum tillage for cropping. …
  5. Prevent waterlogging. …
  6. Use nitrification inhibitors.

Do cars emit nitrogen dioxide?

NO2 primarily gets in the air from the burning of fuel. NO2 forms from emissions from cars, trucks and buses, power plants, and off-road equipment.

How do no plants reduce NOx emissions?

Two common methods including using recirculated flue gases from the boiler outlet and steam injection, which lowers flame temperature and helps reduce thermal NOx formation. Another method of lowering NOx is through burner designs that incorporate staged combustion, slowing the mixing of fuel and air.

What controls NOx on a diesel?

In diesel engines, water injection is used primarily to control NOx formation. In SI engines, water injection is an alternative to fuel enrichment at high load for controlling knock; it would also lower the exhaust temperature.

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