Will a 4l60e transmission fit a 350?

The 4L60E will bolt straight up to your 350. :yes: You will need some way to control the tranny though. The OD is electronically controlled, hence the “E” at the end of the 4L60.

Can I swap a 4L60E for a Turbo 350?

With the TH350 the stock VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) from the 4L60E will not work and a new conversion piece will be needed.

Will a 4L60E bolt up to a SBC?

For those who desire to adapt a late model LS style 4L60E to a small-block Chevy, the best approach is to find a 4L60E transmission originally built for the small-block Chevy. This trans will have the bolt-on bellhousing with the traditional SBC/BBC bellhousing pattern.

Will a 4L60E work without computer?

Externally, all it needs is a 12-volt source and an engine-vacuum reference. However, if your trans is, in fact, a 4L60E, running it off a computer is mandatory. … Never mind TCC lockup; without a computer, the trans won’t shift at all.

Is a TH350 stronger than a 4L60E?

The TH350 is better suited for a manual valve body as well. The 4L60E will 60 ft harder because of it’s lower (3.06) first gear ratio. As a side benefit, that lower first gear also allows the car to launch just as hard as a TH350 But with less stall.

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Will a 99 4L60E fit a 97?

The 99 will fit and work, and so will the 93, but there may be a difference in the 4 wheel drive trans, because of the transfer case and the way it bolts up.

Will a powerglide bolt up to a 350?

The powerglide should be fine with the 350 unless it is an air cooled version.

What years does 4L60E transmission fit?

700R4/4L60E/4L65E Year Ranges

Year Ranges Transmission Pan/Filter
1994-1996 4L60E Shallow
1997 4L60E Shallow – Early Deep – Late
1998-2000 4L60E Deep
2001-2003 4L60E/4L65E Deep

Can I put a 700R4 in place of a 4L60E?

No 700R4 transmissions were ever controlled by the ecm. The lockup function is grounded with the ecm, but not the shift points like the 4L60E that replaced it. Any 700R4 will work in any application.

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