Will a c4 transmission fit a 302?

If the transmission has the small bellhousing then it won’t last behind a 302. The C4 behind a 250 is the same as the one behind a 302. The bellhousings are the same. You will need a flexplate (flywheel) for the 302 you have and you can use the 250 converter.

Will a 302 bolt up to a C4 transmission?

Registered. The C4 will go directly into the 302, it will require a new bell housing, as well as a new converter. Make sure you get a really good self regulating trans cooler.

What does a C4 transmission fit?

The Ford C4 is also called the Dual-Range Cruise-O-Matic, FMX transmission and it was produced around 1964 and was used until 1981. Specifically, the vehicles that came with a C4 transmission were the Ford Bronco between 1973 to 1977, and the Ford F-series between 1965 to 1981.

Is a C4 transmission good?

The most reliable automatic transmission Ford has ever produced has been the C4 Cruise-O-Matic. The C4 is a simple three-speed automatic transmission you can rebuild in your home garage with common hand tools. … Placing the shifter on the small dot kept the transmission in second gear, for slow, slippery road driving.

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Will a C4 transmission fit a 351?

yes. the 351C uses the same bellhousings as the small blocks. However, one thing to remember is if you build up the engine much or plan on racing the stock C4 is a weaker transmission than a C6.

How much horsepower can a C4 transmission handle?

a properly built C4 can handle as much as 800hp, though i wouldnt put that much power through one on a regular basis unless i had a strict maintenance program, including freshening up the trans at least once during the race season.

How many splines does a C4 transmission have?

The early model C4 (1964–1969) used a . 788-inch 24-spline input shaft, which was upgraded in 1970 to 26-spline and . 839-inch. The upgrade also included a matching clutch hub of 26-spline.

How do I know what year my C4 transmission is?

The easiest way is to check the transmission identification tag, which is located under one of the servo bolts on the passenger-side servo. On some transmissions the tag may be located under one of the driver-side servo bolts. There should be a series of numbers and letters which tell what year it is.

Which transmission is better C4 or C6?

The C4 transmission was primarily used in cars. The C6 transmission could handle more power. Due to the ability to handle more power, the C6 transmission was used in many Ford trucks with bigger engines, and in larger cars that were manufactured with bigger engines.

Does a C4 transmission have overdrive?

The Ford C4 and C6 transmissions are two of the best performing, most durable transmission ever built. By adding a Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive to these transmissions you have an unbeatable package far superior to any factory overdrive automatic and with 6 close ratio gears for performance.

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How much is a C4 transmission worth?

Anywhere from $75 up.

Does a C4 transmission need a kickdown cable?

You can drive them without a kickdown. They have a modulator and a governor. You can manually shift it down. You can install a shift kit.

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