Are chest clips on car seats necessary?

Car seats in the U.S. are not required to have a chest clip, but most car seats do have them.

Why are chest clips illegal in the UK?

It is currently illegal to sell a child car seat in the UK, with a chest clip as part of the child seat. This is because our approval requirements state that a child must be released from the child seat in one movement. … The chest clip MUST sit at your child’s armpit level. It is very dangerous to get this wrong.

Can you use a seat protector with a car seat?

A seat protector introduces space into the installation. A car seat is designed to be installed directly against the vehicle seat. If the protector shifts over time, it can loosen the installation, making it unsafe.

How do I stop my kid from getting his arm out of his car seat?

One of the most popular forms of harness restraints, the BeSafe Belt Collector is a plastic clip that sits over the chest and holds the straps in place. It stops the harness from slipping off little shoulders and can be used with all BeSafe baby and toddler car seats.

Vice versa, a European car seat, certified ECE R44, can’t be used legally in US. Those are the two most common standards. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a quick three day trip or staying for a year. Exceptions might apply to military personnel in Europe (and other countries) and diplomats.

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Are Houdini Straps illegal UK?

Legal Disclaimer

It is not illegal to add this to your carseat harness. It has been crash tested at an official crash testing facility, proven to be safe in an accident situation and found to comply with the AS/NZS Standards 1754:2004 and 8005:2013.

From Britax UK direct: “I can confirm that unfortunately, the legal requirements of the European and Federal Standards (USA/Canada) are incompatible so it is not legal for you to use a European approved child seat in the US/Canada or vice-versa.”

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