Best answer: What is the pocket in a car door called?

It’s called a map pocket. The most common components of the car door consist of the following items: Door card.

What is the compartment in a car door called?

It’s called a map pocket.

What is a car pocket?

The car pocket is the, well, pocket set in the inside of the doors, where you can keep atlases, etc.

What is the compartment in the car door for?

Located facing the front passenger seat, most glove compartments have a lockable door. … As you may have guessed, glove compartments were originally meant for storing driving gloves. Also known as a glovebox, this compartment was initially located on the floor of the earliest cars.

What is door sash in car?

A sash door for automobiles has a sash body provided on an upper portion of a door inner panel, on the outside of which sash body, an outer sash is provided. The sash body is a sash to which a door glass is mounted in a vertically movable manner.

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