Can plastic bumpers be repainted?

Fixing damaged plastic bumpers involves grinding, sanding, sculpting and painting. … The technology of auto body parts has changed—and you’ll need a completely different array of supplies to repair painted plastic parts than you would use to repair sheetmetal.

How much does it cost to get a bumper repainted?

Professional Cost Per Square Foot

If the average cost for painting a bumper is $150-$300 then that means a cheaper quality paint job will cost $25/square foot, and a more expensive luxury car paint job will cost about $50/square foot.

How do you repaint a bumper?

How to Repaint Bumpers

  1. Sand down the entire bumper with 1200-grit sandpaper. …
  2. Wash the bumper off with a water hose. …
  3. Dry the bumper with a clean, lint-free cotton towel.
  4. Cover any areas you do not want painted with newspaper and masking tape.
  5. Spray the bumper with an even coat of primer using the power spray gun.

How long does it take to repaint a bumper?

Painting can take as little as 5 minutes if it’s brand new and pre-prepped. This scenario almost never happens. Also drying/curing the paint takes from 3 days to two weeks to do it properly. It’s one thing to get the paint on, another to make it stay.

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Can I paint my bumper myself?

You can do it over the weekend. If the weather is nice, do it outside in a shade. Doing it yourself will save you a lot of time and money. Bodyshops charge anywhere from $300-$500 for painting a bumper and you will be without a car for a few days.

Do plastic bumpers need primer?

All you need is a two pack primer for plastic.or a one pack plastic primer. The adishion is in the primer. If they are brand new bumpers,key them up with 600 or 800 ,not to course on plastics. Some of these primers can be wet on wet ask your dealer .

How many cans does it take to paint a bumper?

cans will probably take at least 4 maybe 5 cans. Work fast when you apply the gloss coat and try to keep a wet edge as you go. Wait a week or two and polish it with an electric polisher.

Do you have to paint the whole bumper?

If the final paint coat is only paint then it should be possible, but if it has a colour coat finished with a lacquer coat IMO you will need to do the whole bumper. For the best finish, I would do the whole bumper – that way you don’t have any colour mis-match or edges.

How much does Maaco charge to paint a bumper?

The prices can run from $300 to $1500 or more, depending on the quality, amount of prep and type of paint. The majority of Maaco franchises have a poor reputation for quality work. Bumper painting – $150 to $300.

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