Does anyone ship car batteries?

The ONLY way to ship batteries is via ground shipping… there are exceptions for small rechargeable batteries that are permanently installed in devices, but definitely check with your post office for the specifics…don’t get yourself into trouble with the Post Office, let alone Amazon.

Will AutoZone deliver a battery?

Contactless delivery also means that our local delivery partners will not provide in-store services that are available at your local AutoZone, including but not limited to alternator, starter, and battery testing, battery and wiper installation, and Fix Finder services.

Can car batteries be shipped?

According to Publication 52 in the USPS Postal Explorer, car batteries fall into the category of what USPS calls Nonmailable Corrosives. … If your car battery is clearly marked as “non-spillable,” then USPS will allow you to to ship it. Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to ship it domestically, though.

Can you ship a car battery through USPS?

The nonspillable battery must be securely packaged in a strong fiberboard box. Only one nonspillable battery is allowed per mailpiece. The total weight of a single mailpiece cannot exceed 25 pounds.

Can I order car battery online?

You can order a battery online to pick up nearby or shop for a battery in-store. You can also have the battery shipped to you if you’d prefer to install it yourself.

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How do you tell if it’s your battery or alternator?

An illuminated dashboard light can indicate a problem with an automobile charging system. However, a very simple way to check if the alternator is working is to run the car and disconnect the positive terminal of the battery. If the vehicle stops running, then you probably have a bad alternator.

Will FedEx ship batteries?

FedEx Express® shipments containing permitted IATA Section II lithium batteries are allowed at FedEx Office Print and Ship Center locations and may be placed in FedEx Drop Boxes.

Are car batteries dangerous goods?

Lithium ion and lithium metal cells and batteries are listed as Class 9 Miscellaneous hazardous materials in the U.S. and international hazardous materials (dangerous goods) regulations and are subject to specific packaging, marking, labeling, and shipping paper requirements.

How do you pack batteries for shipping?

Protect batteries and terminals

Protect terminals by completely covering them with an insulating, non-conductive material (e.g., using electrical tape or enclosing each battery separately in a plastic bag), or packing each battery in fully enclosed inner packaging to ensure exposed terminals are protected.

Does it cost extra to ship batteries?

Yes, it typically costs more to ship lithium ion batteries. Shipping services must take extra care when shipping Li-ion batteries, and the additional paperwork involved contributes to the cost as well.

Is it OK to mail alkaline batteries?

n Alkaline batteries — considered nonhazardous. … For Li-ion battery shipping instructions, including the requirement that no more than three Li-ion rechargeable batteries should be mailed together, see Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM ®).

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Can I post a battery?

UK – Allowed in the mail, with restrictions and packaging guidelines below: Cells or batteries that are defective or damaged are forbidden. … For lithium metal/alloy batteries the lithium content must not be more than 1g per cell or 2g per battery. The maximum net quantity of cells or batteries is 5kg per parcel.

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