Does AutoZone carry OEM parts?

If something is wrong with your vehicle, take a quick trip to AutoZone for any car, SUV, or truck auto parts you need. We carry both genuine OEM and aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OE performance. … AutoZone makes buying vehicle replacement parts easy.

Is duralast an OEM?

The Duralast Gold’s are well-made – basically OEM quality. The “Value Craft” branded parts are meant to be the bare-minimum quality to be road-ready (not necessarily road savvy). This is applicable to all part-store brands.

Where does AutoZone get their parts?

Auto parts retailers have been spared from sharing the same fate as Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us and so many other companies rendered redundant by Amazon. About 80 percent of AutoZone’s business comes from people repairing their own cars with the other 20 percent coming from professional mechanics.

Does AutoZone sell OEM Honda parts?

Either way, we have you covered at AutoZone. Our vast selection of Honda Accord parts includes everything you need to maintain, restore, repair or fully outfit your favorite automobile. There are thousands of OEM and aftermarket parts for your Honda Accord.

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Does Advance Auto carry OEM parts?

At Advance Auto, we carry a great selection of new and used Standard components where you can buy manufacture-built OEM or aftermarket part. … We carry close to 16 Standard parts and accessories for the last 15 years and 2 different models of Standard cars – so you’re sure to find what you need.

Do dealerships use OEM parts?

Most car and truck dealerships only sell standard OEM manufacturer parts.

Is Duralast an AutoZone brand?

Duralast is a well-known car battery brand that is owned by AutoZone. The owner company also has several other brands, and they are popular for their qualities and performances. Now, to answer the question, I have to say that it depends. There are several grades of Duralast batteries according to their price point.

Does O’Reilly sell OEM parts?

Import Direct parts are designed to meet or exceed Import Original Equipment Supplier design specifications. In fact, many Import Direct OE replacement parts are the very same part that came on the vehicle from the factory, exclusively at O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Which is better AutoZone or O Reilly?

AutoZone has quite favorable prices and store locations. Oreilly has a faster order process and have less auto parts available but more quality. I use O and AAP the most as both have a rewards program.

Does AutoZone make good parts?

Autozone is excellent– they will go out of their way to help you and they back up what they sell. Every time I’ve been there the guys behind the counter seem to know what they’re talking about- so I highly recommend them.

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Which is better OE or OEM?

OE parts are the components of the vehicle as it’s made in the factory – all of the original parts that the car was first built with. … OEM is original equipment manufacturer, which means this manufacturer was the original manufacturer of the part and is approved for use in the brand’s vehicles.

What is an OEM part?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the parts are made by the same company that makes the vehicle.

What does AutoZone do for free?

Many drivers don’t realize that AutoZone, the nation’s largest auto parts chain, will do the following services free of charge: Read the codes on your check engine light. Test your battery’s voltage. Check your alternator and starter.

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