What happens if I don’t service my leased car?

There’s no catch. The key is to make sure you maintain and service your vehicle at the required intervals. Not having regular service and maintenance performed on a leased car not only means the warranty will be voided but could cause you to incur a substantial fee at the lease’s end, cautions Wheels.ca.

What happens if you don’t service a leased car?

The car may look immaculate when handed back, but if you’ve missed routine services or have no record of it being serviced, the leasing company is likely to charge you – as a lack of service history can substantially reduce a used car’s value.

Do you have to service your car if its leased?

In order to keep your new lease car in the best possible condition, you must service it at regular intervals as advised by the manufacturer. A car service is an essential part of your lease agreement, as well as an important part of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Can you service a leased car yourself?

As long as the dealership supply new vehicles of the same brand as your own, you can get your lease car serviced anywhere. All manufacturers have a wide network of dealerships who can service your car; there’s no rule that you must go back to the supply garage.

What happens if you mess up a leased car?

When you lease a vehicle, the lessor can charge you for “excessive” wear and tear. Minor things like scratches smaller than a quarter on the exterior may not incur any extra costs and they’re likely to fall within normal wear and tear. Anything bigger probably means paying more cash out of pocket when you return it.

What do dealers look for when returned leased cars?

What can I expect at the end of my lease? Expect to have your vehicle inspected near the end of the lease term. You will be charged for any excessive wear or overage on the allowed miles unless you choose to buy the car or negotiate that the dealer waive those fees as you lease another vehicle.

How much is it to return a leased car?

When your car lease ends, you may think you’re even with the dealer. But you’ll often find you still owe money because of what’s called a disposition fee. This fee, which typically runs $300 to $400, covers the dealer’s costs of putting the vehicle back onto the market to sell as a used car.

How can I protect my leased car?

How to Properly Take Care of a Leased Vehicle

  1. Keep the Tires in Good Condition.
  2. Get Regular Oil Changes.
  3. Keep the Car Washed and Waxed.
  4. Don’t Smoke in the Car.
  5. Protect the Upholstery.
  6. Stay on Top of Repairs.
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How do you take care of a leased car?

If you decide that leasing is for you, use these six ways to take care of your leased car and avoid costly penalties at turn-in.

  1. Treat Your Leased Car Like a Rental. When you drive a leased vehicle, you should treat them like long-term rentals. …
  2. Know the Rules. …
  3. Watch Your Mileage. …
  4. Check the Tires. …
  5. Check the Oil. …
  6. Wash and Wax.

Do I need to Mot my lease car before returning?

Q Do I need to complete an MOT for my lease car? New cars do not require an MOT certificate until the third anniversary of first registration. So providing your lease agreement is not for any longer than three years then the MOT is unlikely ever to be an issue.

Can I change oil on a leased car?

Some people (most notably, myself) get the idea in their head that because the car is brand new when first leased, it’s okay to skip an oil change or tire rotation.

How often do you service a lease car?

Service intervals will vary depending on your lease vehicles’ make and model. Nonetheless, it’s recommended that you give your car a full service every 12 months or every 12,000 miles.

Do you have to go to the same dealership for warranty?

Short Answer: No. By law, automakers and dealerships are not allowed to make you perform regular maintenance at a dealership for a new-car warranty to remain valid.

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