What is R&I on auto body repair?

What is R & I on an estimate?

What Is R&I? Unlike R&R, where a part is entirely replaced, R&I stands for “remove and install.” This happens when a part is removed from the damaged car and reinstalled later. The removed part may even be repaired separately if required.

What is R and R in cars?

R&R on an auto body estimate stands for “remove and replace.” This type of repair will happen when a part is removed from a vehicle and can’t be repaired. As a result, the removed part is given a new replacement part. Car repair is extremely complex nowadays and requires extensive training from technicians.

What is SUBL on auto body repair?

Sublet (Subl).

Popular things for shops to sublet out are air conditioner recharging and 4 wheel alignments when the suspension is damaged. The reason this is sent out typically is that the equipment and space required for these operations are not cost effective for a body shop.

What does P mean in a car?

Parking Brake Alert – (a circle with a “P” inside) These car warning lights illuminate when the parking brake is engaged. If the light remains lit after the brake is released or comes on while driving, have your vehicle checked by a professional.

What does estimated repair cost mean?

Estimated Repair Cost means the estimated cost to repair, replace or restore any Damaged Theater to substantially the same condition it was in immediately prior to becoming a Damaged Theater as determined by a qualified independent contractor mutually approved by Seller Representative and Buyer which approvals shall …

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What if the repairs are more than the estimate?

What If The Repairs Are More Than The Estimate? In some instances, a body shop can charge you a little more than the amount on the estimate. So, if you received a written estimate, the body shop can charge you up to 10% more than the estimate indicates.

What is a repair estimate?

The estimate will help you understand what is involved to repair your vehicle and general idea of how much those repairs will cost. Repair estimates may vary depending on several factors, including labor rates, parts, prices, and the amount of time necessary to perform certain repairs.

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