Can hitting a pothole cause transmission problems?

If your car hit a large pothole pretty hard and at the right angle, there’s a chance that the transmission casing could crack, leading to a transmission fluid leak. Without the proper amount of fluid, there won’t be enough lubrication to protect your car’s gears, making this an issue to attend to right away.

What do you do when you hit a pothole?

File a damages claim against Caltrans.

If your car is damaged by a pothole collision and the damages cost less than $10,000 to repair, you can file a claim directly with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) by filling out a one-page form.

Is it better to go fast or slow over potholes?

While it’s best to go over potholes slowly, you should avoid braking immediately before you hit one. This will likely cause your vehicle to nosedive right as you hit it, which can increase the amount of damage that can occur.

Should you get an alignment after hitting pothole?

Just like you can’t always see a pothole in the road, sometimes you can’t see pothole damage until it’s too late. It’s best to take care of alignment issues before they come up by bringing your vehicle in for a Complete Vehicle Inspection for a full damage assessment after hitting a pothole.

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How do I claim back pothole damage?

You might be able to claim compensation from the council for the cost of any repairs to your car.

  1. Write to the council responsible for the road with the pothole on.
  2. Include all the details you’ve collected, like copies of your quotes, invoices and receipts.

What happens if you hit a pothole too hard?

The hard angles of a pothole can also cause serious damage to your wheels. “The first thing to look for are bends or cracks in the side of the wheel, where the rim meets the tire,” says Cox. If a wheel is bent, it won’t roll smoothly. Also, the airtight seal between the tire and the wheel could be compromised.

How do you know if a pothole damaged your car?

Does your car need pothole damage repair?

  1. Pulling to the side. Pay attention if your car pulls to one side when you’re attempting to drive straight, or if the steering wheel is off-center when you’re moving straight. …
  2. Strange exhaust noises. …
  3. Bulging tire sidewalls. …
  4. Bent rims. …
  5. Flat tire.
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