How does Jiffy Lube change transmission?

Does Jiffy Lube Do transmission changes?

Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, your Jiffy Lube® technician can help you determine which if any is necessary for your vehicle based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. … Jiffy Lube offers four Transmission Services.

How long does a transmission flush take at Jiffy Lube?

It will take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to get a complete transmission flush at Jiffy Lube.

Does Jiffy Lube top off transmission fluid?

Our top off policy helps provide this piece of mind. With every Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change, we provide complimentary fluid top off service on vital fluids including motor oil (the same type of oil purchased originally), transmission, power steering, differential/transfer case and washer fluid.

Should I do a transmission flush or change?

A transmission flush is recommended every 45,000 miles or 3 years, to be performed in place of a fluid change OR to replace fluid changes altogether. You can find out more about the cost of a transmission flush here.

How much should a transmission fluid change cost?

How Much Does a Transmission Fluid Change Cost? The cost to have your fluid changed by a dealer, service center or independent mechanic ranges from $80 to $250. The average cost is around $100 for both automatic and manual transmissions.

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How much does a transmission flush cost?

The typical price range for a transmission flush is $125 to $250 – approximately twice as much as a fluid change due to the additional fluid required (12-22 quarts instead of 5-7 quarts) to completely replace the old fluid. The average you can expect to pay is $150 for the full service.

How much is a transmission flush at Walmart?

How Much Does It Cost To Refill Transmission Fluid At Walmart? Walmart Auto Care Centers charge $19.88 for Oil and Lube changing services, which includes the checking of the transmission fluid and topping it up.

Does oil change include transmission fluid?

A standard transmission maintenance service will include changing the transmission fluid and filter. In some ways, it’s a similar process as what’s done for a typical engine oil change, though the work is a little trickier for a transmission and it usually doesn’t need to be done nearly as often.

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