What transmission fluid is compatible with Toyota WS?

Suitable for use where DEXRON II, DEXRON III, JASO M315 (1A), Toyota WS and Toyota T-IV fluids are recommended.

What is compatible with Toyota ATF WS?

Genuine Toyota ATF – WS is Toyota’s “World Standard” automatic transmission fluid. Specifically formulated for use in Toyota sealed automatic transmissions. … Compatible with all metallic components as well as rubber and plastic seal materials used in Toyota automatic transmissions.

Is Toyota ATF WS synthetic?

WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov ATF WS is a fully synthetic low viscosity fluid for automatic transmission with or without slip controlled lock-up clutch system.

Is Toyota WS ATF good?

The Toyota ATF is really good stuff, and if you go to any of the Toyota 4WD forums (Pradopoint, Lcool), there’s a lot of discussion about the merits of the factory oil and the alternatives. Over the 100,000km cycle, it’s likely the hardest working transmission will be in the big 4WDs.

What color is Toyota WS transmission fluid?

WS fluid has a purple hue to it, sometimes looks red, other times its a tad purple.

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Do I need transmission fluid for Toyota?

Toyota recommends that vehicles featuring an automatic transmission have their fluid changed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Vehicles with manual transmissions should have their fluid changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Do all Toyotas use the same transmission fluid?

Nearly all Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks before 2005 call for Dexron-III ATF. While Toyota has its own official brand that it sells at its dealerships, any good quality Dexron-III will do.

How much does Toyota transmission fluid cost?

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The average cost for a Toyota Camry transmission fluid change is between $167 and $198. Labor costs are estimated between $120 and $151 while parts are priced at $47.

Is Synthetic ATF better?

Because of superior engineering, the synthetic fluid is better at lubricating your transmission and is able to sustain its viscosity in a broad temperature range. Consequently, in using a synthetic fluid you can expect your vehicle to shift more smoothly. This will likely be true even with variations in temperatures.

What type of power steering fluid does Toyota use?

The type of power steering fluid that should be used in the 2019 Toyota Sequoia is any DEXRON II or IIiAutomatic transmission fluid. For the amount You put You look at the reservoir for the fluid and You fill it to the maximum line.

How long does Toyota ATF WS last?

Toyota asserts that under normal usage, the fluid has a 160,000 km (100,000 miles) maintenance interval for inspection only; ATF-WS does not require any flushing or changing during the life of the vehicle; however, an inspection of the maintenance schedule of many Toyota vehicles reveals that there is a 100,000 km ( …

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When did Toyota switch to WS fluid?

(1)Why did Toyota change their transmission fluid to World Standard ( WS ) in 2005 ? Answer : Selling 168,000 2nd generation tacomas in 2005 , Toyota needed to find a way to avoid hefty environmental fees . Toyota pays an environmental fee for each vehichle they sell to us .

What is the best automatic transmission fluid?

Our top pick for the best transmission fluid is the Castrol Transmax Dex/Merc ATF. It works for the majority of domestic cars out there and delivers great results. If you’re looking for something even more wallet-friendly, check out the ACDelco Dexron VI Synthetic ATF.

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