You asked: Are Rock auto parts any good?

Does RockAuto have good quality parts?

RockAuto carries garbage cheap aftermarket parts, and good quality aftermarket parts, and OEM brand-name parts, so yes, of course I would trust parts from RockAuto in my customers’ cars….

Is Rock auto a legit site?

Originally Answered: Is the best website for purchasing car parts? No, it definitely is not. I placed a rather substantial order with them a few years ago with air shipping. They screwed something up with the packaging, as the order was returned to them by FedEx.

Where does RockAuto get their parts from?

RockAuto sometimes ships from its own warehouses, but it also often ships directly from the manufacturers of certain auto parts. Some RockAuto customers have shared the locations from which their parts were shipped, as disclosed on the shipping documents.

How are RockAuto prices so cheap?

By selling more, they get better pricing from their suppliers. Efficiency, they only keep the parts in one warehouse versus 100’s of stores. So they have little admin and sales overhead. Their marketing costs are nominal.

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What is the best website to buy car parts?

19 Best Online Auto Parts Stores (Ranked by Car Enthusiasts)

  • #1 – Rock Auto.
  • #2 – Parts Geek.
  • #3 – Advance Auto Parts.
  • #4 – NAPA.
  • #5 – Buy Auto Parts.
  • #6 – eBay.
  • #7 – Amazon.
  • #8 – Eckler’s.

How quickly does RockAuto ship?

Orders ship within one business day unless a delay is noted in the part listing (see “… X Day Delay”) or you choose a payment method that doesn’t process immediately (see “How long will it take to process my payment?”). Business days are Monday through Friday.

Are RockAuto parts new or used?

All parts we sell are new unless otherwise stated. We do sell many remanufactured parts.

Does RockAuto refund shipping cost?

You will not get a refund on the shipping charges, but if your order qualifies for Rockauto’s return policy, you should get the rest of the price refunded. If you have any additional problems, Rockauto has a customer service phone number and email support.

Is there a website that tells what parts will fit on another car?

Yes there is. the way I find out what parts interchange with other cars is I go on look up the part I need. Scroll down and look for vehicle fitment. That will give you a list of every single vehicle that that part was installed on.

Does RockAuto sell used parts?

No, they do not sell used parts. They are one of the most reputable auto parts retailers online.

Does Autozone own Advance Auto Parts?

Is Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone the same company? No. They are two separate companies.

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Why is NAPA auto Parts so expensive?

Napa may purchase the part at a higher cost because they purchase less or couldn’t get the same deal as other companies for whatever reason. Also Napa has to base charges off what they expect to make. Other places may sell more alternators so they can charge less and make money overall.

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